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Channel 18 Estrella TV shows Court TV listings

Here in Ft Smith AR prior to January 14 2020 Channel 18 carried Estrella TV and the Contour program guide listed Estrella TV programming.  Then suddenly the next day the program guide started listing programs for the Court TV channel but Estrella TV programs are still broadcast, and this discrepancy has persisted as of the date of this post.  Setting my DVR to record Estrella TV programming is no longer possible.  I checked with a number of Cox customers around the area and they see the same discrepancy on their Contour cable boxes.  I called Cox tv support and they wanted to replace my cable box!  Last week I went to the Cox Solutions store on Rogers Avenue and the tv displays in their show room have the same discrepancy!  Nobody in the room could explain it.  One employee said he would file a work order and let me know what he found out but I have heard nothing back.  Does anybody know what this problem is and when will it be resolved?  I hope they keep Estrella TV!