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The Guide auto defaults to Channel 2

Is there a way to make the Guide default to the current Channel? With hundreds of channels, it is ridiculous for the guide to always start at Channel 2. 

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  • geisiekm....I have 2 Controu2 DVR boxes and 2 mini boxes....when I turn my TV on, all of them display the last station that I was watching prior to them being turned Off.  Thus, when I turn the TV back on,  the Guides on both sit with those last stations and in the correct time slot at the Top.  Are you suggesting that when you turn-off your TV and turn back on, the Guide and the display reverts to Ch2 instead of your previously watched program?  Do you turn your TV off using the paired DVR remote, or the TV remote?

    What version or type DVR do you have...Contour or the earlier version...what's the model on the DVR face?

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