Contour - very poor system performance

After begin forced to upgrade 9 months ago, we have given the Contour system as much opportunity to impress us as we can handle.  It has failed miserably! 

The issues stated in our original post below are still happened.  The system response time to remote control commands are very slow.  The lag gets much worse during peak viewing hours (5-9pm).  Many times we will click channel change(s) (or anything else), the system will freeze up, and after a minute or so the system will process all of the remote commands sitting in the buffer.  This happens across all of our Contour boxes, in all rooms.  This is just a very poor performing system. 

After 9 months of frustration, we are ready to terminate 25+ years of service with Cox.  We are moving to a streaming platform.  We just don't understand how Cox doesn't see these performance issues on there end.  As a systems engineer, I am almost positive they have access to system performance data.  I would think all of the posts on the internet would make Cox more proactive to resolve this issue.  This is clearly a pervasive systemic issue.   

Posted 9 months ago (the post is now locked):

I just converted to the Contour 2 system, and it's terrible.  The reaction time of the system to remote commands is terrible.  Sometimes I have to press a button two or three times to get the system to respond.  This happens on all three Contour boxes. The user interface is ridiculously slow.

Also, who came up with the blue LED clock no one can read?

This is an upgrade? 

The user interface looks pettier, but performance is terrible.  Someone remind me why I pay $300 a month for this service?

Very disappointed.....