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a question about contour or contour 2 cable boxes (NOT THE DVR)

I was wondering .... can I have 2 contour boxes (not the DVR kind),  in the same house (thus replacing a mini-box)? example... 1 in living room and another in bedroom...

Or better yet,  if I found an extra contour box or contour 2 box (say at goodwill, ebay, amazon, etc...), would I be able to use it in another room instead of the mini-box as I have noticed that the contour box in our living room has nicer features such as more programming and voice remote than the basic remote and programming associated with the mini-box in my room.

Any answers on this subject would be great... especially if I find out that I can simply replace the mini-box with say a "goodwill, ebay, amazon, etc.." contour and only pay $2.99 instead of whatever cox is charging to rent their contour receivers each month. Would there be any problems just plugging it in where the mini-box was??

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