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Two channels not working

FS1 (channel 26) and sometimes IDPAC (channel 80) doesn’t work. Acts like low signal pixelation on 80, nothing on 26. 26 says “We’re having some trouble on our end”, that being Cox. Been like that for a long time. Changed boxes, nothing. All other channels work. So interference? Can’t figure out what’s going on. If I get no ideas from the forum, I’m giving Cox an ultimatum. Fix it, or I quit them. It’s obviously a problem outside my house.

  • I provide this information to help anyone in the same situation. Cox support consists of “reset cable box”, or “replace cable box.” Useless.

    There was only one thing in between the outside cable, and my two TV’s. A splitter outside, that Cox originally provide many years ago. So as a last gasp, I disconnected the splitter and reconnected to only one TV with a cable-to-cable adapter. Channel 26, and 80 miraculously worked. I junked the old splitter, and connected a new splitter, and both TV’s now work. I would never have guessed that a bad splitter would trash only a couple channels, while all other channels worked.

    Lesson learned for me. It would be nice if Cox actually had real engineers answering questions for support, instead of minimum wage telephone responders, that have no idea what end is up. Of course, that might be asking too much for Cox, considering I’m paying over $200 per month for my service, multiplied by probably a million customers.

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