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Favorites Disappeared From Favorites Guide

Over the weekend, all my favorited movies and TV shows disappeared from the Favorites Guide (Contour button > Saved tab > Favorites tab) but they still are individually flagged as favorite. 

I spoke to some of your chat agents, several of them, but I’m 100% certain they are outsourced overseas and script-bound because not a *** one of them had the slightest idea what I was talking about— not one— and I was speaking in perfectly plain English (I hope whichever agent is assigned to this post is not overseas, please god.) 

I have restarted my device, unplugged it, unplugged the coax cables, and my Favorites Guide is still empty. 

Obviously, several people are having the same problem. As a company, I hope this is now a known-issue, with a resolution in progress. 

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  • Hi Amwade94, we’ve been able to replicate the issue on a Contour 2 receiver in our call center. We’ve asked that our video engineers investigate. We’d like to verify if the favorites you previously saved are displayed in the Contour App and on Please log into the Contour App on a mobile device. Click on the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner of the page and select Favorites. Are your saved shows, movies, and actors displayed here? If you don’t use the Contour App, open using an internet browser. Click on Saved and select Favorites. Are your saved shows, movies, and actors displayed here? Also, using your Contour 2 receiver, try to add a handful of shows, movies, and/or actor’s names as Favorites. After adding each as a Favorite, the INFO card for that specific show, movie, or actor’s name should display the option to “Remove Favorite”. After adding several favorites, navigate to Contour button > Saved tab > Favorites tab to see if anything is displayed in this list. For us, the message “You have no favorites yet” is displayed. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator