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Cox Contour on Browser has no sound for home but does for TV Go


I have Cox cable at home and the TV works well with my TiVo device and cable card. For my study, I jus tuse the web browser.

However there is no sound for some channels. TNT, Paramount, WGN for example have video but no sound. I have cleared the cache and reset the browsers and the tech stuff. Still no sound. Funny though, that when I access TV Go on the same network (as if I were not home) the sound and video are just fine.

I contacted Cox and they had me go through all the troubleshooting as if it were my system but nothing. They then said that they will submit a ticket. Well that ticket is in the proverbial black box of purgatory.. No more from Cox.

When I use my Contour App on my phone the video is choppy or stuck and no sound. for the same channels. There is something clearly wrong with the signal being sent for certain channels.

Anybody else have the same issues?

Thank you.


  • Having the same problem in Phoenix.  Worked with both Cox and Apple as Cox thought it might be my IPad that was causing the problem.  Because my Ipad was still under warranty, Apple gave me a new IPad.  Still the same problem, sound cuts out on random stations.  I find I can go to the ToGo channels and get sound, but when I’m in my house using my iPad I lose sound on my regular channels.

    Called Cox back after receiving new iPad.  I was escalated to the next level of Tech Service after my IPad was swapped out, and a supervisor was going to call me but shockingly (yes, said with total sarcasm) no one has called.  I just lose sound on more channels.  Since I can’t get Cox to respond, looking like it’s time to move to a new provider.

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