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HDMI on Contour box not compatible with HDMI on TV

My mother was forced to switch from the traditional Cox main cable box to Contour, and the Contour HDMI connection is apparently not compatible with the HDMI port on her first generation Sharp Aquos HD LCD TV (she just gets a blank screen), forcing her to use the much lower resolution coaxial connection.  Other devices, such as a laptop, DVD player, and Blu-Ray player, work fine with that TV HDMI port, and both the picture and sound on the TV are gorgeous, and worked perfectly with the old cable box, so she's not about to replace the TV.  According to the tech who came out to troubleshoot, the issue is apparently with the overly sensitive HDMI port on the Contour boxes.  Is there another type of box with alternate connections (i.e. DVI, composite, etc.) that Cox can provide at no additional charge?  She's already paying around $200 per month for TV, internet, and phone, and that's without having any movie channels or a DVR; and since it was Cox's choice to force the box change, the problem is on their end.