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Cox is retiring the Explorer 8240 box??

I keep getting these warnings/messages that Cox is retiring the Explorer 8240hdc box and after Sept 5 2019 it will now work at all.  I still have the issue out there being charged $8.50 per month for several years for an 'Advanced TV HD DVR Receiver'.  Again, Cox's Cable from outside:  goes into the box (cable in),  Cable out to the TV get Standard Definition (sd), because the cable out from this box is SD.   You need a different technology....HDMI cable to get HD.  2 weeks ago I was told by a Cox rep on the phone that it doesn't matter what type of box you have, even if it does not record, ff or rewind, the 8.50 charge will apply anyway. I think ox should refund that 8.50/month for xx years.

Also, the multi-stream cable card:  could it be modified or used to allow multiple users on your TV broadcast???