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Cox DVR Blotchiness Like a Streaming Issue

I'm watching the US Open on CBS from the HD channel of my Cox DVR box.      I'm frequently seeing blotchy boxes on the screen as if I'm having a slow streaming issue.    But....I'm not streaming since this is my cable box.    Should have a streaming issue since this is my primary DVR cable box in my house.      

Is this a CBS to Cox issue?     Is this a Cox to my house DVR issue?      is this my DVR having issues?

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  • This is not an isolated incident.    I’ve seen this periodically on other broadcasts.    I mentioned it yesterday during the Masters broadcast because it was fairly consistent and since it was on for a few more hours I was looking for feedback from other people.   I’m pretty sure I remember seeing this periodically during NFL football games on CBS last Fall.    Also    I’ve seen this on other TV in the house when viewed via the Cox mini cable box.

    Another thing I noticed later in the day.    I also recorded the Masters broadcast on my DVR     I noticed the same issue when replaying the broadcast so it seems the DVR captured the blotchiness