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HGTV On Demand Listings

The On Demand menu listing for the HGTV network is only displaying 4 show options - vs the usual 30+ shows in their line-up.  This change happened approx 1 week ago.  Two calls - and two reboots - later, the limited HGTV On Demand issue continues.  Cox Kansas rep I spoke to via telephone was able to confirm seeing the same limited options (4) as I when she checked a local TV within her support site and confirmed this was not usual.  Both Cox reps (Lousiana & Kansas) I’ve spoken to by phone in an effort to resolve this concern have suggested I wait to see if the problem resolves itself.  After 1 week, I’m not putting any confidence in waiting as a problem solving option.  Any suggestions on how I can get back to viewing current shows vs the limited four offerings?  thank you in advance for any help/direction.

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