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Getting Cox Cable Contour TV service when connected to a different cable TV wall outlet in my apartment

I have Cox Cable Contour TV and internet service for one TV in my 1-BR apartment one receiver). I have two co-ax cable wall outlets in my apartment (one in living room and one in bedroom).  My TV service works (connects) when the TV/receiver is connected to the Cable Wall Outlet in my living room but not when connected to the wall outlet in my bedroom. How can I make it work using the outlet in my BR? 

  • Must be how the coaxial is run through the house. Can you describe how the coaxial gets from the outside to the two rooms? Splitters? Amps?

    Something else you can try is hook the modem up in the bedroom and then use it's to see the signal levels of that outlet. If the modem's signal levels are good try having Cox send a reset signal to the box when it's hooked up.

  • Hi Tkremenski, it's possible that only one of your coax outlets is receiving a network signal. When you connect the receiver to the coax outlet in the bedroom and plug the power in, do you get a code display on the front of the receiver? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator