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Ocala area perpetual pixeling problem, and Cox cant fix it.

Hello     1/11/19

Im not happy

I fully expect that me writing this is a waste of time.

I have had problems with my TV service since December 10th.

The TV pixels, on and off, all day and night, it works sometimes, but generally its not worth paying for.

Here is the way I see it,

I make a call to Cox, the person answering the phone can only reset my box, or/ and send a tech out to see me.

There have been 5 technicians here at my house since then, they come over, do their duty and cut the end off a wire see that things are tightened and leave. 

The techs are very nice and do what they can, they all realize that the problem is downstream.

Today a "customer advocate" spoke with me and told me the problem was known in this Ocala area "at the head end" and a supervisor would call me within 24 hours.

The choices I have are, wait for supervisor to call or I can get another service provider.

/ Ed