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Cox Ad or Announcement Breaking Into Programs

For the last several weeks, shows I have been watching have been interrupted by a Cox ad or announcement basically saying "For support or to activate services, call" and it gives numbers for residential customers and another for business. This lasts maybe thirty seconds to a minute and wipes out whatever show I am watching. It does not matter what channel I am watching at the time, it can happen anywhere. How can this be stopped!!!



  • Hi Johnptd, are you referring to a Cox commercial? It sounds similar to what is called commercial clipping. Commercial clipping occurs when local commercials are inserted into predetermined time slots in place of national network ads. Usually this insertion is seamless, but occasionally the timing isn’t exactly right. We have a team that addresses issues of commercial clipping so we can adjust the ad timing. Whenever you see instances of commercials cutting off or overlapping, feel free to email my team at Please include the date and time the clipping occurred, the channel number, your city and state, and a brief description of the 2 overlapping commercials. We'll forward your report to our video engineers and have them adjust the timing for this particular commercial. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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