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TV Listings Working Again!

You can now record shows from the TV Listings Cox Web page and also see the status of requested recordings.

Finally after 4 days, six different chats or phone calls, and nineteen different Support Personnel contacts (I have the names but will not publish them),  the TV listing to my DVR is working again.  I would like to thank Eugene (in Cag Video group - not sure of spelling) for sticking with it and getting to the bottom of this.  THANK YOU.

Tear 1 support for "this kind of problem" is useless!  AND there is no way to reach the right level without a lengthy discussion each time.  Finally a kind soul gave me a ticket number (which other support personnel claimed was not necessary) which made the pain tolerable. 

I will admit that the personnel did their best to "keep me from blowing up".  My fuse was very short.

One of the personnel tried their own personal account to prove that my complaint was valid.  And low and behold, she had the problem.

It was Easy!!!