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Introducing Contour, the new personal video experience

Cox is introducing a new, personal TV experience - Contour. Contour is TV that perfectly fits you, at home and on the go. It includes the new Contour app for iPad with an intuitive interface that serves up content to watch at home or anywhere. On TV you'll experience the Contour guide, that learns the shows you like and recommends new shows you're likely to love. Contour also offers the Record 6 DVR that lets you record up to six shows at one time, and store 1000. Contour is the personalized TV experience you've been waiting for. Learn more at or stop by a Cox Solutions Store today.

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  • Tried out the Contour app last night. Works great on the iPad, but had no success getting the 'push to tv' function to work. I do have a Record 6 tuner, but noticed that the guide on it does not say Contour in the lower left corner as your videos say it should. Is this a feature that hasn't rolled out to San Diego yet?

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