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Cox is now planning a live TV streaming service

Saw this post over on DSLReports (Thanks TelcoDad!) and thought people over here might be interested. Looks very similar to what Comcast is doing. 

"Here is what we know:

According to the survey, the service will be called Smart Stream. “Smart Stream is all you need to watch the streaming movies and TV shows you love. No more switching inputs on your TV, fumbling with multiple remotes and searching through apps to find what you want.” Cox said in their survey. “Smart Stream gets you right to the good stuff, so there’s less searching and more watching.”

From the survey, it looks like Cox is planning to sell their own streaming player and manage your subscriptions to any other streaming service you subscribe to through that box. According to the survey, the device is “small enough to attach to the back of any TV.”

There are a few catches though if you want the service. Not only do you have to be a Cox internet customer you also have to be renting a modem from Cox. According to the survey, the service is “available to Cox High-Speed Internet Customers with monthly modem rental for a one-time purchase price of $49.99.

Now the $49.99 price is not for the Smart Stream service. That is the price of this new device that from the looks of it will likely be some type of Android player. This new device will let you manage subscriptions to multiple services including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. According to the survey “any new streaming services purchased through the device to be billed separately by Cox.”

The survey went on to talk about the ability to add an antenna to your Cox streaming player. From the sounds of it, the device will work very similar to the Sling TV AirTV player. Cox also describe a possible cloud DVR option for their new streaming player."

  • Let me roughly estimate the cost...
     - Subscribe to Gigablast Internet Plan from Cox ($120 per month)
     - Subscribe to Smart Stream ($50 per month?)
     - Rent an Internet modem from Cox ($10 per month)
     - Taxes, Fees, Surcharges ($20 per month)
     - far, that's $200 per month
     - Purchase the Android Streaming Player from Cox ($50)

    It also begs the questions:
     - Will every TV need an Android Streaming Player?
     - Could other household devices stream from the one Android Streaming Player?
     - If so, how many simultaneous streams does the one Android Streaming Player allow?
     - Same choice of channels?
     - Data Caps?

    Thanks for providing the info...but a moderator would need to answer my questions.

  • Rent an Internet modem from Cox ($10 per month)

    I assume they mean a modem/router gateway, as I don't see how a specific DOCSIS modem would make a difference. That means getting a stand alone modem might not be a option in the future if you want TV service. Hopefully they come up with a work around like Verizon FIOS did with their TV service needing a gateway.

    but a moderator would need to answer my questions.

    hehe, you are funny. You really think the moderator here even know about this service? I mean they could, but even if they did, I doubt they would comment anything officially. I mean you can post what ever you want, but it's my OP, and while moderators are welcome, this thread is NOT moderator exclusive. Thanks :-)

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