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Third party control systems and New Contour products.

I heard from a friend that a Cox employee mentioned that their new Contour 2 boxes don't work with either IR universal remotes or other control systems. Example, I have all my equipment in a closet in another part of the house and based on this info I'd only be able to use a Cox remote. I'd have to laugh real hard if Cox came out with a new box that works/doesn't work that way.

I called Cox and their tech support doesn't even now IR from RF. Geez.

  • Razz88 said:
    You should know right?

    Nope. That covers 6 kinds of boxes and I assume you didn't use your Cox admin when registering so how would they know?. You can log into you account to see your equipment if you don't know.

  • Hi Razz88,

    All of the Contour 2 receivers work fine with IR Universal Remotes. When paired with a Contour 2 receiver, the XR5 remote control and the XR11 voice remote control use both RF and IR. When not paired with a specific receiver, the remotes use IR only and line-of-sight is needed to control a receiver.

    The color of the LED indicates whether the remote is operating in IR or RF mode.

    • Green: A command was sent and received in RF mode.
    • Red: A command was sent in IR mode.
    • Green, then red: A command was sent in RF mode, but receiver did not confirm. Unpair and re-pair the remote and receiver.

    Does this help?

  • Hi Becky,

    Yes it does. Thanks.