Voice Tools Call History grid scroll bar is missing

The Voice Tools webpage scroll bar will scroll the entire page, as will clicking on the screen and using the up and down arrow keys.  However, the inner scroll bar previously located within the Call History grid is now missing.  As a result, only the first nine entries for a sort may be viewed on the webpage.

The Call History grid includes new columns added when the recent update to identify and eliminate or flag SPAM calls was implemented.  The grid scroll bar appears to have been erroneously omitted.

Voice Tools Call History may be sorted from oldest to newest to see calls from up to 120 days ago.  That amount of Call History can also be downloaded.  This confirms Call History data was retained, but the website no longer provides the means to scroll up and down to view all call entries.

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  • If Cox later determines the number is a risk, they'll update or upgrade or downgrade its status.  Since the number is linked to your history, the status gets updated in your history.

    I don't think that's going to happen.  Cox began including "None" in the "Spam Risk" column of all my incoming calls on 3/2/2023.  No items before that day have a non-blank value.  They only began including an actual risk assessment on 4/18/2023, the date of the announcement.  That's the first day a non-blank value in that field was not "None".  The only "Medium" was for a call that incorrectly appears in Call History as an outgoing call.  So, there's another bug.

    If Cox updated existing Call History, you would expect to see items before 4/18/2023 with a "Low" or "Medium" value.  If you see that happen, let us know.

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