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Call History Not Working

Call history stopped working a week ago, .""We are currently experiencing technical difficulties...." then "Error while fetching call records"  Five days ago Tiffany told me to send an email to Cox which I did but they did not respond.  Four days ago I did a Chat and they said it was a nationwide problem and would be fixed by Friday - - yesterday.  Still not fixed.  This has been a recurring problem for 7 years.

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  • It's been 120 days since the last download of my call history which means that calls that are 120 days old are now dropping off the history and will be lost forever.  My call history hasn't worked for 100 days despite Forum postings, emails, live chats, and phone calls to Cox.  Lots of apologies, no results.  Has anyone been fired?  Probably not.  I imagine everyone sitting in the coffee room sipping their lattes and laughing about it.  I promised myself to never go back to AT&T, but all options are back on the table, including TV.  My big, outdoor antenna brings in stations from San Diego and Los Angeles and I can record them in HD and not worry about losing them if the DVR breaks.  No extra charge for the TVs in other rooms.  They all connect to the antenna too.