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Call History Not Working

Call history stopped working a week ago, .""We are currently experiencing technical difficulties...." then "Error while fetching call records"  Five days ago Tiffany told me to send an email to Cox which I did but they did not respond.  Four days ago I did a Chat and they said it was a nationwide problem and would be fixed by Friday - - yesterday.  Still not fixed.  This has been a recurring problem for 7 years.

  • A few days ago, I don't know the exact day because my call history hasn't worked since August, I called the Cox help line to follow-up on the ticket number that was issued many moons ago to fix my call history.  He said the file was very large but not much recently and would follow up and have someone call me or email me with an update.  Guess what.  No calls, no emails.  Of course if they called and didn't leave a message I wouldn't know about it because my call history doesn't work.  And for awhile I wasn't receiving the emails they said they sent even though no other emails failed to arrive, even ones from other Cox departments.  Next week calls will start dropping off the history and will be lost forever because the last time I did a download was August 1 and the 120th day since my last download will be December 1.  I'm only one customer so I guess Cox doesn't care about one little old malcontent, but over 5000 have looked at this topic on the Forum.  If I owned a business I wouldn't want 5000 customers to know I can't or won't fix problems. 

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