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What do I do when someone is using my phone number to make spam calls? Strangers keep calling me saying they are returning a call with my number.

4th call this week from people saying they are returning my call.  I did not call any of them.  Someone has hijacked my number.  What do I do?

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  • If you want to spend the time and effort, you could report it to the FCC, but then the question becomes would the FCC spend the time and effort.  I'm sure the FCC will not trace who's doing this.

    Nothing was hijacked.  Someone is only "spoofing" your telephone number from somewhere else.  This someone didn't specifically select your number but selected a just happens to be yours.

    Normally, "spoofers" just pick a random number and then move on to another number, so it's weird you've been getting calls all week, unless it has been taking a few days for these people to get around to reviewing their missed calls.

    Ride it out for a few days.  I'm sure it'll stop.

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