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Mystery Tel2 notice and Caller ID problem


I have received an email from Cox (quoted at end) a couple of times stating that my phone is hooked up to Tel2 which causes a number of problems including inbound called ID problems.  It also states that starting on 3/22 I may no longer have a dial tone.

The problem is that I don't have anything connected to Tel2, only Tel1.  A while back my phone was connected to Tel2 because that was the only port that was active.  On 11/1/21 my phone modem was re-provisioned and the active port was set to Tel1 and all equipment is connected to Tel1 now.  This was describe in the following thread:

Incidentally, my caller ID service has gotten worse over the past few months and now I would say that less than half of calls show any caller ID info.  I am not sure if this is related to the "mystery Tel2 issue" being mentioned in the Cox email of if it is something else.

Is there something I need to do so I can be sure to have phone service after 3/22/22 and also restore my caller ID service to reasonably functional state?


Body of email from Cox...


Your Cox technical team has identified your account as having telephone equipment plugged into the wrong input of your Cox telephone modem.

We can fix that, but here's what's happened: Your account has 1 line of service, and it's designed to operate on port 1 of the modem. Your phone equipment shows you're also connected to port 2, causing problems such as a “false dial tone”, dropped calls after 30 min, and possibly inbound caller ID issues.

Starting March 22nd, 2022, a device update will disable the false dial tone; any lines connected to port 2 of the modem must be moved prior to that date."

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  • I would surmise your original Tel2 discrepancy (hardware) is fixed.  Although Cox corrected by re-provisioning your service, Cox just didn't update their records (software).  Since nothing is connected to Tel2, Cox can't disable anything.  This is, if Cox only targets Tel2.

    Caller ID issues, yeah, been there, done that.  Perhaps its a separate issue but my best fix has been to log into my Cox account and reset my telephone modem.  It's hit-or-miss but eventually it'll take.

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