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When is Cox going to implement Stir/Shaken protocols to prevent Fake ID Callers, which are mostly scammers and telemarketers???

The new Stir/Shaken Protocols to prevent Fake Caller ID used by scammers and telemarketers is supposed to go active this week nationally.  My Apple Cell Phone has already implemented it in early June and almost all my SPAM calling had stopped.  But I still get 12-30 SPAM calls a day on my Cox Home Phone.  So, I called Cox Tech Support and they had no idea about the Stir/Shaken requirements for Phone Service.  By Federal Law all large Voice Providers (over 100,000 users residential and business combined) have to start protocols by 30 June 2021.  If Cox Technical Support Personnel don't even know about this new requirement, then is the protocol being implemented or is Cox just blowing off the requirements and claiming they're not a Phone service or aren't technically capable of doing it.  Or better yet, claiming they have less then 100,000 customers (which only requires implementation by 30 June 2023).  I'd sure like to find out what's going on.  Technical Support is clueless.  One Cox Chat Operator knew about the protocols and told me to call Technical Support for help and they know nothing.

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  • This has been a constant pain with Cox Residential phone service, even with nomorobo.  Virtually 100% of the scam callers are spoofed to generally disconnected numbers and bogus names.  Like others, we get 5-15 of these irritants each day.

    If Cox has implemented STIR/SHAKEN protocols, its implementation is faulty.

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