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Can a phone account be locked so that the number can't be ported out from Cox?

My father's phone number was ported to another carrier.  He didn't want that, but who knows what the other company said or did.  In my option they were preying on the elderly.  I am hoping that there is a way stop this from happening again by locking it down somehow.  Is this kind of thing possible?  Maybe require an additional verification step on the Cox side of the transfer so there is a double check before the transfer happens?  When this happened, it took about a week to figure out why the phone stopped working, and then a week to get the number ported back from the other carrier so it was pretty frustrating.




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  • Although it was frustrating, it was a valuable lesson.  I forget the specific scam...possibly the 'Microsoft call'...but they duped my Mom and she paid.  I explained it to her, she got mad and now hangs up if she doesn't know what they're talking about.

    As far as locking down an account, probably not.  If your Dad pays the bill and the scammer manufactures a "consent," what are the odds of going to court?  Preying?  Definitely...but they can't prey if your Dad just hangs up.

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