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COX couldn't transfer my phone number

I moved 4 miles in the same city and asked to keep my land phone number I had for 15 years, always with Cox.

Without hesitation, the operator said "sure we can, sign up for the $10 plan here!".

After 6 weeks and several phone calls and store visits, they told me that they couldn't transfer the number.

Did this happen to anyone else and what did they do? Should I continue wasting my time calling the support center or should I give up and ask for the line to be canceled? I won't be using a phone line if it's not the old number.

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  • if they didn't xfer you probably won't get it back

    i gave up home phone service but upgraded to panoramic/500 ultimate at same time.

    pano included home phone, new number was issued, couldn't get old number back.

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