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phone not working with panoramic fiber modem

first, let's get some of the obvious questions out of the way. i am an advanced human and I have exhausted all other help options. needless to say; yes, I have turned it off and on, yes, I am plugged into tel 1, yes, i have ordered and activated a phone service from cox. if you care to offer an answer, assume i have already addressed the obvious issues. including 3 technicians all of which have had different ideas and no solutions. one thing to consider is I am in a brand-new home in a brand-new community I Enterprise Las Vegas NV. all wiring inside the home is complete, advanced, proper and perfect. I have a data cabinet

I have gigablast internet and 100% digital home phone service using the Panoramic Wifi Gateway + Fiber Internet Modem which needs the ALU G010GA INDOOR ONT 1GE W_AC ADPTR V2. to work. Why? because COX does not have actual fiber optic modems, so they bring fiber into the home and then convert it back to broadband by attaching the converter via ethernet cable to the ethernet port on the back of the Panoramic Wifi Gateway + Fiber Internet Modem.

so, i should be able to plug my standard corded home phone into the back of the Panoramic Wifi Gateway + Fiber Internet Modem and get a dial tone to make a call (all anomalies aside, yes there is power, yes, the internet is working, yes, i paid my bill. yes, I had a technician come out then leave as they said they didn't know what the problem was)

anyone else stumped?