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Shouldn't the modem be free?

Good day everyone!

I've just upgraded to Gigablast internet + phone. Cox shipped me the "upgrade kit",  No mention of any modem rentals. Two days later I've noticed that now I have a modem rental fee in my billing.

So I've contacted Cox via chat and I am being told that Panoramic modem that they sent me can't be purchased, that I can potentially buy my own modem (problem is there isn't a single modem available that does phone + internet that's cox certified AND that is actually available for purchase). The ARRIS TM3402 isn't sold anywhere and neither is Technicolor GM4141. I can't get a straight answer why I need this tacked on service and how would I be able to have the phone service if I get my own modem from the list that doesn't have the phone line connectivity.

Any ideas what to do? I am not super interested in paying a rental fee to Cox for modem that I don't want AND didn't ask for. I'd rather buy one myself, but it doesn't seem that anyone sells ARRIS TM3402 or Technicolor GM4141 (which is kind of garbage, I'd want to avoid anyway, due to the noise it makes)