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Phone goes mute during call - I can hear other person; they can't hear me

I can hear the other person but they can't hear me. This happens intermittently multiple times during a call on both incoming and outgoing calls. Call isn't disconnected and sometimes it will establish audio after 10 to 15 seconds; other times I have to hang up and redial.  Cox has changed out modem; I bought new Panasonic phone but problem still persists. This has been on going since Cox converted to digital service.   Any tips for resolution?

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  • Hello,

    I understand how frustrating an intermittent audio issue can be. I understand there was an appointment and the Telephony/Internet Modem was replaced and even the phones. An intermittent issue may appear to be fixed since the last appointment if the issue wasn't happening at the time. We may need to have a follow-up appointment reserved, and see if the issue is the existing Modem. If the Cox equipment is the issue, then the technician can swap it for a different one.

    Out of an abundance of caution and for everyone’s safety, we are exercising social distancing. The good news is that we’re still sending technicians to people’s homes. However, our technicians can’t go inside the house. They can check cabling and equipment outside your home. If you need new equipment, they can set it on your doorstep, and they can walk you through troubleshooting / installation while still outside your home. They’ll talk to you over the phone, FaceTime / video chat, or even through an open window at a safe distance.

    Cox Forum Support Moderator