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They can hear me but I can no longer hear them Part 2

My original post has been closed.  Problem still exists 4 months later.  I've been escalated and escalated with still no resolution.  Yesterday I got an email from the Field Supervisor that I am just going to copy and paste below because it's telling me they might have found the problem and that fixing the problem might be at my expense!!!

Good morning Nanette,
I spoke to our performance engineer and looked through the node (neighborhood service area) and the interference we spoke about in the past looks non-existent.  That being said I also spoke to him about monitoring your ingoing/outgoing phone calls.  We used to have a system in place to submit a ticket for your particular account and monitor, unfortunately that ticketing system is no longer in existence.  The performance engineer did however fill me in on the modem you have currently on your account.  I was told this particular device (labeled PW3 or TG1682) has a known firmware issue which causes garbled voice, dropped calls and phone conversations in which one party cannot be heard.  I also called one of our lead technicians to verify the issue in the field.  I am being told we are swapping these units out for a different model (PW6 or CGM4141), but the issue is in some cases this modem swap may increase the monthly subscription.  I am going to contact our local communications center to see if this is the case for your account and will update you when I hear back.  If we do not see an increase we will have to get into your home, perform the swap and then monitor from that point.  Thank you.