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Using Cisco IP on Cox Digital?


I currently have residential digital phone service through Cox.  I'm not happy with my current phone setup and have been looking at some of the Cisco IP models for my work-from-home office.  Can I plug a Cisco IP or VoIP phone directly into the Cox digital phone modem or are these different technologies

  • Jax, 

    This is not something that you can handle by yourself per se. This requires a lot more networking equipment and configurations, all of which have to be done by the ISP (Cox). While I am sure they are using a IP phone setup in their business offices, this isn't something that can be easily delivered to their customers' endpoints. The marriage of POTS and IP Phone over Coax is something that is out of my expertise but as Bruce mentioned, Cox would have to have a way of assigning your IP phone an identity (aka phone number) that could be accessed from any telephone in the world just like your current phone number currently is. Plus, that would reduce their income substantially (everyone would dump the phone service). Furthermore, I am not sure how e911 would work and they couldn't offer IP phone service (for free) without being able to get 911 service to work. Its actually more complicated than you think. 

    However, you could look into a Cisco softphone. I use a Cisco softphone which connects back to my employer. A softphone is simply a software application I run on my PC which is connected to my employer via a VPN. Then I use a regular PC headset and I can dial anywhere in the world, including phone numbers that are otherwise associated with traditional POTS service such as those from a local telephone company. 

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