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New installation issues with number ported from Verizon. I can’t receive incoming calls.

We switched from Verizon to Cox yesterday and ported our number over. We went through the third party verification 2 weeks ago and now that installation took place we can’t receive any incoming phone calls. We have a dial tone and can dial out, but when I call my home phone number on my cellphone my home phone does not ring. I’ve been told by reps my number has been ported correctly, but I doubt that since my phone service should be fully operational. I don’t know what we ca do. A tech is scheduled a few days from now but this is completely unacceptable for a new customer not to have fully operational service. I am afraid that when my service terminates with Verizon in a few days I will lose the phone number I’ve had for 43 years because the port was botched. 

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