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Porting Disconnected phone - Conflicting information - Need help

We had decided not to convert to the new digital phone. Unfortunately, I did not try and port it out (t-mobile) prior to a disconnect. So when I tried porting it, T-mobile couldn't port it. I called COX and talked to a tech who said that he could reactivate the phone at COX so I could port it. It was supposedly done. I tried to port and could not. I called COX again and the tech said that it was active and could be ported. I tried again with T-mobile. Again - it couldn't. T-mobile called COX and THAT representative (not tech support) said that I would have to reactivate the phone by having a service call, activating the new digital service and then I could port. That representative stated that the techs should have known that.That it requires a service call is the deal breaker for me. I can't have a tech in the room where my equipment is located due to a bedridden relative. I asked about a self install kit. That was not allowed either.

Well - Which one is it?! This experience has been extremely frustrating. I am getting completely conflicting information. I want to keep this phone number but I don't want to jump through 20 hoops to do it.


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  • It's almost 20 hoops.  The tech also needs to rewire your demarc, test for ingress, third-party verification, etc.

    Can you disconnect your equipment and have the tech temporarily install the new equipment at the primary feed, such as in your living room?  After the tech successfully installs your new equipment, you can relocate it to your relative's room.

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