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Voice Tools - History - Outbound calls No CallerID, just phone number after mid June 2019

Have talked to several Reps and all say this was a "Feature Change" that happened mid june when new Voice tools add NoMORobo functionally.

When I view my History, prior to mid June - All of my outbound calls still show CallerID data and after mid June only the Phone number. When I view the Voice Tools via Cox Connect App they show the phone number and "unknown" under it.

I feel this is a "Programming" error and NOT a "New Feature". Where is the documentation?

Please restore this functionally.

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  • Hello All,

    I wanted to follow up on this since there has been some confusion regarding Caller ID on Voice Tools.  The Cats was migrated to Cox Voice recently which brings with it a handful of new features and functionality.  The ability to see information for the outbound number when dialing is uncommon by today's standards and is limited to some Cox markets on the older Cox Digital Telephony platform.  By definition, "Caller ID" information is provided by the originating carrier for the incoming call, and is not generated for display to the individual placing a call. 

    Having said that, Voice Tools will display the name of the person you are calling if the name and number of the person are in your Address Book.

    We are working to update our Voice Tools support documentation to better reflect this.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention.