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Voice Tools - History - Outbound calls No CallerID, just phone number after mid June 2019

Have talked to several Reps and all say this was a "Feature Change" that happened mid june when new Voice tools add NoMORobo functionally.

When I view my History, prior to mid June - All of my outbound calls still show CallerID data and after mid June only the Phone number. When I view the Voice Tools via Cox Connect App they show the phone number and "unknown" under it.

I feel this is a "Programming" error and NOT a "New Feature". Where is the documentation?

Please restore this functionally.

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  • Its been a week and I called into support to check the status of my Ticket. Well no one can answer the basic question - did something change during early June to Call history logging of OUTBOUND calls.

    It seems I must be the one one to see this issue, as the support people think its the Web Voice tools, the COX Connect App, or the VoiceEverywhere APP that are not displaying the data correctly.

    The Level One person checked the status of my trouble ticket and was told they need my ID and Password to view my account through the Phone App (VoiceEverywhere) -- I told him that that was not a possibility, so he check again and was told the ticket would be cloded. I offered to do a Screen Sharing ( Teamviewer) with them but he check and they told him "That was not what they Do".

    I asked to talk to a Supervisor, as I was really upset with this lack of support. The Supervisor informed me that because it was not a "System" failure, but rather a "Data Display issue" it was not important.

    If  you have the same issue as I have described, please post.  Support thinks is just me....