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Voice Tools - History - Outbound calls No CallerID, just phone number after mid June 2019

Have talked to several Reps and all say this was a "Feature Change" that happened mid june when new Voice tools add NoMORobo functionally.

When I view my History, prior to mid June - All of my outbound calls still show CallerID data and after mid June only the Phone number. When I view the Voice Tools via Cox Connect App they show the phone number and "unknown" under it.

I feel this is a "Programming" error and NOT a "New Feature". Where is the documentation?

Please restore this functionally.

  • Update: Called into Support (8/12/2019) and was told to install the latest VoiceEverywhere App.

    This latest App displayed the same call history - missing CallerID on all Outbound calls , after June 2,2019. So, the Web Voice Tools, Voice Connect (iPhone) and this new VoiceEverywhere - all have the same problem. It's the database, not the App.

    Got transferred up to App Support to address the issue. She wrote up a ticket to be elevated to a higher level that handles "data issues".

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