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Voice Tools - History - Outbound calls No CallerID, just phone number after mid June 2019

Have talked to several Reps and all say this was a "Feature Change" that happened mid june when new Voice tools add NoMORobo functionally.

When I view my History, prior to mid June - All of my outbound calls still show CallerID data and after mid June only the Phone number. When I view the Voice Tools via Cox Connect App they show the phone number and "unknown" under it.

I feel this is a "Programming" error and NOT a "New Feature". Where is the documentation?

Please restore this functionally.

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  • My original question is "What changed in June" and is COX aware of this change.

    When I called into Support, several times and  even Second Level, No one was aware. Each said it "Was That Way Now".

    What made my call to Support "Useless" was that the person I was talking to did not even have COX Phone Service,

    Giving a "Moderator" here more info my account is not an option.

    All a person has to do is bring up the COX Connect App on an iPhone and scroll down to "Voice Tools" and look at their Call History. Select my swapping to the left "OUTBOUND"  - Why is every outbound call since early June shows phone number and ID as  "Unknown", calls to the same number prior to early June show the proper CallerID under the phone number.

    "What changed in June" and is COX aware of this change.