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caller ID showing my city

when I call some cell phones the caller ID shows my city and state rather than my name

I do not want the caller ID to show my city at this time.  I will be moving in a few months to a new city.  At that time it can show my city name.  If I can switch phone numbers now to one that is in that city that would be great - so it would show that city on caller ID as a default.
I've called Cox multiple times to get this resolved with no luck.  I want my name or my landline number from Cox to show up on other's caller ID but never city and state.
How do I resolve this?  
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  • You might try "Caller ID Per Call Blocking"  (*67) to see if it will just block everything. 

    "Caller ID Per Call Blocking prevents your name and number from being displaying. on a per call basis".  (That's a copy and paste from Cox's website.  My high school English teacher would haunt me if I wrote something like that).  

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