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Are "robocalls" (which could be annoying but legitimate) and outright scam calls treated the same by NOMOROBO?

Over the last 2 days I've received 4 scam phone calls from the "Windows Refund Department".   All of the calls came in as different numbers and I've reported them all to NOMOROBO (which I'm still skeptical is doing anything for me).   Does NOMOROBO consider a scam call a robocall; in other words, does it also try to block scammers or just annoying robocallers?

I'm ready to rip the phone out of the wall.


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  • Nomo doesn't detect hardware, such as a computer, robo-dailer or war-dailer.  Nomo is just a list of nuisance numbers reported by subscribers.  The dailer could be a human finger or automated device.  Nomo wouldn't know.  "NOMOROBO" is just a gimmicky name.

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