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Nomorobo and Neighborhood Spam- Totally Ineffective

Is Cox and Nomorobo ever going to add the feature that blocks neighborhood spam?  I have received more calls lately with the same first 6 digits as mine, and it’s as if Nomorobo isn’t even activated (which it is) because it blocks maybe 1 in 4 calls.  The feature is available in the mobile app version (and through YouMail for my mobile phone), but the landline version blocks them about as well as a dam made out of crepe paper.

  • Hello, are you certain the feature is active on your account? One way to check is to log into your account on A robocall is a call made from a number that is reported as illegal and blocked by Nomorobo, and the system disconnects robocallers and telemarketer calls. Another way to report unwanted calls is through -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
  • A robocall is a call made from a number that is reported as illegal

    Lots to unpack there.

    Robocalls are not illegal.  If they were, dentists would be in prison.

    Spoofing is not illegal.  If it was, law enforcement agencies working cases, victims of domestic abuse and doctors discussing private medical matters would be in prison.

    How does a number become "illegal?"

    Under the Truth in Caller ID Act, the FCC prohibits "...any misleading or inaccurate caller ID information with the intent to defraud, cause harm or wrongly obtain anything of value."

    If no harm is intended or caused, spoofing is not illegal.  However, if you don't answer the call or just block the number, you can't prove intended harm.

    Spoofing from your local exchange(s) (Area Code & LATA) is the latest ploy to get you to answer the phone.  Nomo won't block these numbers because the scammers use your local numbers once and move on to another local number.  Blocking these "disposable" numbers would be blocking ghosts...not to mention legitimate subscribers.

    Your only defense would be a call-blocking device featuring wildcards.  For example, block everything from (123) 456-****.  If your neighbor shares your exchange, you could permit their number on the device.