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How do you get Nomorobo installed on phone

I cannot get Nomorobo to install on my account. Cannot figure out where the problem is.

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  • Hello Gregj83, darkhorse and others, it has been over two months and my nomo robo for my land line, still does not work. I have followed all suggested URL, in messages replied too. Nomorobo help desk, cox customer service tech, they were  suppose to have submitted a trouble ticket no replies since,  I have had the same problems and results as darkhorse and others. You are wasting your time and resources, all you are going to get is the runaround, very frustrating. Caller ID does not work, Time stamp and date is not correct, you can set and next call it is wrong again, My wife thinks she needs a land line, If I can convince her we do not need a land line anymore, I am going to cancel my phone service period. If the service had any intentions of solving the problem, looks like they would solve it or just tell me they cannot make it work, Sorry for the rant, But enough is enough.