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How do I forward calls from my home phone to my cell phone?

As a Cox phone subscriber you can program your calls to ring at another number. Each time a call  is forwarded your phone will make one short ring and it can still be used to make outgoing calls. Learn all about call forwarding features, including instructions on how to activate / deactivate these features, by reading our Call Forwarding support article.

  • Hello Mandym, 

    I am very sorry you are still experiencing problems.  Let me see if I can help you.

    Do you have our Voice Mail service? 

    Because if you have our Voice Mail service you cannot control the Call Forwarding No Answer feature. 

    Voice Mail automatically includes this service.  However, Voice Mail customers have only limited functionality for Call Forwarding Busy.  If you subscribe to Voice Mail, you cannot forward calls using this feature to destinations other than the pre-programmed Voice Mail number.

    I hope this information helps.  However, if you do not have our Voice Mail service and you are still experiencing problems could you please e-mail us back at  - we will need to have your e-mail address so we can look up your account. 

    Thank you very much.