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Why am I getting spam phone calls from my own home phone number and caller ID associated with the Cox phone service?

Within 48 hours received 7 phone calls from my own caller ID and home phone number to the HOME PHONE. When I answer there is a silent tone, then the line disconnects.

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  • Ever since we connected our telephones to the Internet, computers can make phone calls.  When computers make phone calls, they can do all kinds of cool things, such as mimic any telephone number.  It's called spoofing.

    When somebody calls you, Cox is responsible to insert the Name Field to the Caller ID for your info.  Since this is a Cox-assigned number, your info is readily available in their database.

    The spoofer didn't enter your Caller ID info or even know to who it's assigned.  They just war-dial numbers and in this case, war-dial numbers while spoofing the numbers.

    I don't think this was a spam but a trolling call.  They war-dial batches of numbers to troll for any off-hook signal, such as a pickup, answering machine or blocking device.  That way they know it's a valid number to spam later.

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