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Call history in phone tools

My call history in phone tools hasn't worked for about a month now and I'm given all different responses from Cox reps from they've opened a ticket & are escalating the problem & are working on it to it can't be fixed since I'm on the legacy platform & they're changing everything to the voice platform. What is the true story here? I've read on different forums here that this is not a new problem. Why weren't we notified of the change in advance and why can't call history be kept working until they make the change? I'd like one honest answer here rather than being told a bunch of different stories.......I just want my call history fixed. I'm in the RI area.

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  • I used the Cox Connect app for checking my call history. Even though the time stamps were off (I don't know which time zone they use), I could at least see the history. Today, when I tried to use Phone Tools in the Cox Connect app to check my call history or change my phone settings (e.g., call forwarding), it sent me to a web page where it asked me to log in.

    If I have to go to a web page, I might as well do it directly. So I deleted the app as phone tools were the only use I had for it.

    Oh, and I did log in to the web page the app sent me to . It had my incorrect ZIP Code, and said "we do not offer service in your zip code [sic]. " So the app is worse than useless if all it's going to do is send me to a wrong link.

    Since customers can no longer send emails or fill out forms to provide feedback, I called Cox. The rep said he is no longer able to send feedback to Cox either.

    Maybe I'll write a letter.