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At wits end with unwanted calls

I would like for Cox to help actually end unwanted telemarketing and scam calls- from spoofed numbers.  Over the past three days my phone has been rung eleven times- each spoofed numbers.... I just got a robocall that opened with "this is not a solicitation...", telling me how my credit card activity had been monitored for the past six months and I'm now qualified to receive a discount.

... spoofed number-meaning they know their call isn't wanted- it's in violation of the law, these are criminals.  Their action to ring my phone without implicit authorization is a violation of the law.  This repeated criminal harassment has rendered my phone useless... apart from being a harassment tool for parties not being billed for the service. and some have altered their strategy to account for simultaneous ring... placing two calls in quick succession with the second getting through.

In the last day I've received three from "Affordable Heathcare"... the CiD number is not in service... two calls from one number and one from a number that is one digit off from the other.

This is criminal harassment.

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