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Busy Signal on wireless phone and TEL 1 light blinking

Today I received the modem from Cox and began installing the digital phone service.  I've had a lot of trouble with it.  

Presently, the modem Tel1 light is blinking with everything connected.  When I remove the phone cord, the Tel1 light turns on solid.  I am getting a busy signal with the cord plugged in.  At one point I was able to make a call to my cell phone to capture the number.  When I hung up, the cell phone kept ringing and proceeded to leave a 23 second voicemail of nothing.  I've texted support twice and was told I needed to pay $55 for a technician to come over to my house.  I tried calling from my cell phone to my new house phone but it says that the number is busy.  It didn't even ring.  I've spent about 5 hours trying to figure this out and other than buying a new wireless phone I'm out of ideas.  I've reset modems, unplugged cables, and restarted phones more times than I can count.

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