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Nomorobo Still Not Working

My nomorobo is still not working. Nomorobo has worked on it. They say everything is set up correctly. They told me to call Cox to reset the simultaneous ring because that seemed to be the issue. I did that. Cox says they reset it.   It is still not working.  Not a single call has been blocked this month.  What do i do now?

  • I installed Nomorobo on 9/18/18 and it didn't block its first number until 2 days ago.  I have been doing searches on all new numbers that called and most of them were listed with Nomorobo but were ringing 3 to 4 times and showing as "Incoming" on my call history report with durations of 12-16 seconds.  The blocked call showed "Missed" with a zero duration, the same as numbers I've blocked through Cox, and tests I've done by calling my house from my cell phone and hanging up after the first ring.  After researching the numbers that should have been blocked, but weren't, I noticed the Nomorobo "Date Blocked" was always on or after the date the number called me.  Now I will always be clicking on the Nomorobo search result to see if it was blocked before or after the number called me.  This will give me accurate data to report. 

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