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Snail mail marketing -Cox or Scam?

A senior citizen we know has been getting snail mail, phone calls and email, threatening to shut off Cox phone service if a service appointment iisn’t scheduled.  In addition, Cox marketing seems to be using the same event to ‘upsell’ people to services they don’t need.

The phone number printed on the snail mail ISNT a legitimate Cox phone number, according to a CSR I spoke with:


The Cox CSR says their phone number is 844-290-8350

Also included is a web address:

Can anyone else confirm this is a scam, or a legitimate item?

When questioned, Cox tech support says a switch needs to be made from “circuit switch” to “packet switch” technology, and a new modem needs to be switched in as well.

Anyone getting this too?

I think a third party has stolen the snail mail, rejigged the mailer to include a different phone number.

I have.a scan of the mailer, but I don’t think Cox allows image uploads in these forums.