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No phone service for 12 days!

I have not had Cox phone service since July 27 -- no dial tone or calls for 12 days now and counting. Two technicians visited my home on July 30 and were very thorough in attempting to solve the problem. They ran various diagnostic tests and gave me a new modem but could not reestablish the dial tone. (They were more than kind and diligent and I have nothing but praise for them.) They determined my problem would have to be fixed in their Atlanta office since my phone line had apparently not successfully made the conversion to the new phone system/equipment the Cox home office recently installed. They told me to expect the problem to be fixed in 24-48 hours.

When I still had no phone service on Wednesday, August 1, I phoned (thank God for my cellphone!) Cox Support and spoke with someone in "Level 2 Support," who promised to expedite the repair of my service in the next 24-72 hours. He also said he would call my cell that Saturday to be sure my problem had been solved. That call never came. When I STILL had no phone service on August 4, I once again called Cox Support and spoke with a service representative in my local Chesapeake office who said he would do his best to expedite the fix and I could expect service to be restored within a few days by the Atlanta office.

Well, here we are on August 8, and I still have no phone. The Cox reps I spoke with on the phone have all been very courteous and seemed to want to help, but all I have are apologies and unfulfilled promises. It's ridiculous that a company the size of Cox cannot restore my phone service after 12 days. If the folks in Atlanta are this incompetent, inefficient or both, I feel very bad for them. If the problem is that my business (I've been with Cox Cable for cable TV, then internet, then phone since the mid-1980s) is not important enough for Cox to be concerned with it, please tell me now so I can find another carrier for my landline. Is the phone likely to be fixed before I die??