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"Voice tools", "Nomore Robo"

I now have "Voice tools", my account page says I have "Nomore Robo" and simultaneous ringing, yet when I go into settings, it is the same 4 options as always, voice mail, call forwarding, call waiting, and do not disturb.  Is the Phoenix area not yet fully migrated?  I am looking for moderator responses, no speculators.

  • Nope, looks like AZ is still a work in progress. See post from a early adopter who had some really bad luck in AZ. Maybe that means they are fixing it though.

  • "Simultaneous Ring" has replaced those options for me, and is the only one I see now.  Nomorobo has been working well!  However, when I activated it and put the number in that I was provided, each time nomorobo intercepts a phone call I am being charged for a long distance call that only lasts a few seconds, but it cost $0.14 each.  Cox has been unable to do anything to prevent this.  I had to call them for each of my last two statements to get the charges taken off of the bill.  I am not going to be willing to continually do that.